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I love Jesus more than life, and I mean that. I have been entrusted by God with an amazing family. A husband who I am madly in love with and our three kids! My main goal in raising them is that they will grow to know Jesus, love Him and care about the burdens of His heart.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Eliya is 5 TODAY!!!!!

I can't believe that my sweet, smart, fun little girl is 5 today.
She told me she thinks she can jump higher and count further now that she is 5.
She is a such a joy.
She is definitely MY daughter; we are A LOT alike.

 She is all about all things girl these days. Eliya saw a commercial on this week and said "Mama look! The lady has on a pearl bracelet...why doesn't she have pearl earrings too?!" Yeah we are in for it :)

Yesterday morning I heard her singing from her bed. Later I asked her if she was singing and she said "Yes, I was making up a worship song for Jesus". She probably followed that awesome moment with hitting her brother in the head or something but those moments are precious...Just like she is.

Eliya, you made me a Mama and I love you so much.
Happy Birthday!!!!
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