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I love Jesus more than life, and I mean that. I have been entrusted by God with an amazing family. A husband who I am madly in love with and our three kids! My main goal in raising them is that they will grow to know Jesus, love Him and care about the burdens of His heart.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Use it ALL Lord

Today is one of those days…again. Hindsight, I can see it in the works the past few days. I will give you a glimpse of grief. There are many great things going on; God’s word is alive and I feel a draw to Him. Good things happening at the house of prayer and my house is getting closer and closer to being ready for us to move into. The last day or two, I start feeling unusually irritable and frustrated. I seem to have less patience for the kids and overall I feel sadness draped over me. THEN, I realize that Scott’s birthday is coming this week.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Simeon is TWO YEARS OLD!

My little one is now two years old.  It's unbelievable in many ways.  He has 3 teeth coming in at one time and was a little testy early in the day, but come party time he was all fun.  Simeon woke me up this morning by crawling in the bed with me to snuggle.  He still likes to play with my hair when he's sleepy and he loves it when I hum to him.  His vocabulary is increasing, but only I understand most of it unless the context is really clear.  Eliya speaks for him a good amount and of course he wants to do / say anything she does / says.  They really are great little buddies and there is nothing sweeter than seeing their voluntary affection for one another.  Eliya fell down today and he ran to her and gave her a hug. Children are such a blessing from the Lord!

Enjoy a few pictures from his big day!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Selling our Birthright for Soup?!

Several months ago I was very burdened for an old friend.  This friend was willfully walking in sin and claiming the grace and blood of the Lord Jesus.  I was literally thinking about and praying for this person almost daily and asking the Lord to expose truth and bring freedom. 

One day I took a nap and I woke up and knew I had been praying for this person.  I drifted back to sleep and woke up with the Lord saying this generation of the church is like Esau who sold his birthright to his brother for a bowl of soup.  I hadn't even thought about Jacob and Esau or this story in such a long time I had to look it up to find it.  Gen 25:29-34, Esau comes in from hunting and is famished and weary and Jacob has made stew.  When he asks for some, his brother said first sell me your birthright.  Esau says, if I'm about to die, then what good is my birthright to me and agrees to give his blessing, inheritance and leadership of the family over for bread and soup.  The Lord tied this dream to my one friend who represents the MANY in the church who wilfully make the exception of sin (the passing pleasure) in their lives and believe that there is no contradiction in that and in following the Lord.