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I love Jesus more than life, and I mean that. I have been entrusted by God with an amazing family. A husband who I am madly in love with and our three kids! My main goal in raising them is that they will grow to know Jesus, love Him and care about the burdens of His heart.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Fairy Tales

I can’t recall ever liking fairy tales; although I’m sure as a young girl I probably marveled at them the same as my daughter does now. As an adult, I have felt much more logical and practical. My thoughts have been that fairy tales don’t happen; it’s just an unrealistic twist of reality that sets young girls up for disappointment. I have even thought if I should be protecting my daughter from the disillusioned view.

I believe in part that our culture, along with many in the world, longs for and loves fairy tales because Jesus has written it in our spirits. He is the fulfillment of every part of the Cinderella dream. I have many times identified with this. We are lost, broken and wounded and then He finds us and makes us His own. He does this at salvation and we are looking for the greater fulfillment of this when He returns to the Earth and fully rescues His Bride, the church. I love this angle of it and believe and hope fully in it.

God is wrecking my views and changing my heart! In early December I visited some friends in Kansas City, MO and they asked if they could pass my name along to their brother Kyle in North Carolina. After a couple of brief messages on facebook, I felt like it would be more work and effort than I thought I could afford at this point in life. Since it was the brother of friends, I thought I should at least be honest and tell him I wasn’t interested, so with that intent I let him call me.

Two hours into our first conversation, I remembered that I still hadn’t told him I wasn’t interested. He was easy to talk to and I had really enjoyed talking to him, but I had to say what I had intended to say. I really thought he was a great guy, so I told him that I had several friends that were coming to mind that were single. His reply was that he wasn’t interested in my single friends. That conversation ended with him asking if he could call again (given that I told him I wasn’t sure I was interested). I told him I was too tired to decide right then, so he could ask me again the next day.

The rest is rapidly becoming history. I knew that before I considered opening my heart to him, there were lots of things I needed to know. We logged close to 20 hours of intense conversation before we even met. After too many nights of staying up on the phone until 3 and 4 in the morning and numerous trips back and forth from Ga to Nc, my heart has fully been captured! I am so amazed at how God has brought this together and has completely caught me off guard and brought this amazing man into our lives. God is giving me my own fairy tale. Through this, I have heard the Lord say that He is turning my bitter into sweet. I know and have experienced that God is good and faithful in every season, but I am seeing His kindness and tenderness towards me in new ways these days. My heart is alive in love!

A little about Kyle :) He loves Jesus. That’s the most important part! He loves his sweet 7 year old son Rylie. He loves motocross. His heart is huge. He is sweet and romantic. I see Jesus in Him! He is perfect for me…AND he believes in fairy tales!!!